The company August Brötje GmbH

The company August Brötje GmbH

Heating technology

BRÖTJE has gathered as much as 95 years experience in the field of heating technology. A company history characterised by innovative high-quality products, based on extensive know-how and high-efficiency in the field of heating technology. In the course of its history BRÖTJE has developed a large number of new technologies and heating system products using gas, oil or solids. With these future-orientated developments - especially in the field of condensing technology - we have set new standards and achieved great success.   

BRÖTJE is member of the BDR Thermea Group, one of the most important and renowned company groups involved in innovative heating technology.

As a provider of heating systems we offer competitive products with the latest technology such as gas and oil condensing boilers, heat pumps, storage tanks, domestic hot water tanks as well as solar systems and radiators. We distribute our products all over Europe and partially Asia. In Germany, it is our cooperation partner the GC- and Pfeiffer & May- wholesaler group who distributes our products exclusively.  

Moreover, we have a large net of distributors in many different European markets. For further information please click here.