Gas condensing boiler

Gas condensing boiler

Systems heat

Nowadys, the advanced technology of gas condensing boiler offers a standard utilization ratio of 109% which is a top value. But what makes a top model from a good boiler? It is the systems technology which is the common theme at BRÖTJE. Throughout the entire development and production. This applies not only for gas condensing boiler plus domestic hot water tank & flue gas system. It is every single component which contributes to progressive and efficient heat generation in your own home. Hence, systems technology means tailor-made efficiency.

Wall hung boilers - premium range up to 110 kW

EcoTherm Plus 

Wall hung boilers - domestic range

IntroCondens WHBS/WHBC / EcoTherm Kompakt WBS, WBC

Floor-standing boilers with integrated tanks

EcoCondens BBS, BBS EVO
EcoCondens Kompakt BBK
EcoSolar BSK